smiling man pointing to limit mental self-sabotage during recovery

Does Mental Self-Sabotage Limit Growth in Recovery?

When people are in recovery, they need a lot of support and confidence. Anything that threatens to sabotage this growth can be detrimental, but also triggering, which may lead to relapse. No matter how successful a person wants to become, they will not achieve their goals if they self-sabotage their growth. Mentally, there can be…

doctor checking on man in hospital bed with bowel problems from substance abuse

Can Marijuana Use Interfere with Surgical Interventions?

With marijuana being legalized in many states, there are new complications for health providers across the United States. The dilemma they now face is based on research that shows marijuana use may impact responses to anesthesia on the operating table and a person’s history of drug use may either help or hinder symptoms. When it…

man discussing triggers to depression and addiction with therapist

Why Triggers Are So Harmful and How to Cope When They Hit 

Therapy is a helpful way to work through triggers that may be harmful in recovery. When they come on stronger than ever, it is good to have some strategies to deal with them effectively. It starts with outlining how to navigate them when they hit and what to do if they are too strong to…

unhappy man leaning against wall at hotel before hitting rock bottom

Why Are More People Using Meth?

Methamphetamine is a serious drug with major consequences for those who use it on a regular basis. It is highly addictive and is making a comeback amidst the opioid crisis. People are falling into meth addiction more frequently, but it is talked about less than the opioid crisis at the moment. Medical providers have fewer…

two friends greeting and talking about life advice

Accepting Good Advice Can Be healthy (and Healing) 

Everyone has, at some point or another, taken bad advice. Maybe they took their own or someone else’s, but they took advice that did not add value to their lives. A little thing called ‘optimism bias’ gives people a sense of hopefulness things will work out, even when things don’t look so good. When people…

family members meeting with loved one to help him stay sober

How Can Family Members Help a Loved One Stay Sober? 

When people look for help with substance abuse addiction, it might appear that detox and rehab are the way to go. Substance abuse is complicated, so there is no one solution. Family members often want to help but are not sure what to say or do in support of their journey to healing. If a…

man listening to music at skatepark with confidence

Recovery Takes Confidence: Try These 3 Tips to Get Started

With sobriety and recovery, there is no one journey. Everyone will experience something different while they travel the path to healing from addiction. Some people feel confident while others lack self-esteem and struggle to pull themselves up. There are some ways to begin restoring lost confidence in recovery. Try thinking about these three things to…

man talking to therapist about weight gain while taking anti-depressants

Is Weight Gain a Challenge When Taking Anti-Depressants?

Antidepressant therapy is a great way to find support for people who struggle with depressive symptoms and need extra help navigating life effectively. Medication is often used for the treatment of depression, along with other substance use disorders, so it becomes a somewhat complex issue. Weight gain can be one unfortunate side effect of treating…