man sitting and staring in old building while abusing Adderall

Why is Adderall Abuse So Dangerous?

Prescription drugs are on the rise across America. Drug use has always been part of the American landscape in some form or another, legal or illegal. Current times suggest opioid use is creating difficult challenges for people whose loved ones become addicted as so many are struggling right now with the epidemic. Opioids are not…

wife helping husband handle chronic pain drug-free

Learn More About Boosting Joint Health in Recovery

When people think about arthritis, they don’t always think about the relationship is has with addiction and recovery. Arthritis is a term that focus on overall joint health, specifically some of the more debilitating aspects of the disease. Learn more about the role of addiction in joint health and how to support better bones in…

man meeting with legal services while recovering from addiction

How Do I Navigate Legal Challenges from Addiction?

The legal system has a role to play in some people’s lives as it relates to addiction recovery. There are legal issues that may pop up for people who use substances or get in trouble with the law while using substances. The legal challenges can be difficult to navigate in recovery but it is a…

man in recovery with positive attitude walking in the park

Why a Positive Attitude Helps Your Recovery

Recovery is not a destination, an end point at which you’ve arrived. There are new discoveries about yourself, the journey, the whole experience which may pop up and surprise and shock you. It is something to keep working on, whether you are new in recovery or old hat at the journey. Your mindset and attitude…

doctor with opiate prescription bottle on desk

Are Opiate Pain Meds Safe for People in Recovery?

Pain medication can be tricky to navigate around when in recovery. Whether or not a person had an addiction to painkillers, they have the potential to be addictive and are usually not used for pain relief unless absolutely necessary. The issue of managing pain often results in the prescription of opiate medications for chronic pain…

Father talking to adult son about adverse child experiences and his addiction

What is the Role of Adverse Child Experiences (ACEs) in Addiction?

Some children suffer trauma or neglect early on, resulting in negative life experiences later in life. This can become mental health issues or physical health consequences, including difficulty living a full, happy life. Adverse child experiences (ACEs) are experiences children are exposed to in childhood that create struggles later in life, including substance abuse. Trauma…

doctor working with man with asperger's who was self-medicating

Do People with Asperger’s Self-Medicate?

People who struggle with Asperger’s have another challenge on top of addiction to face in recovery. Their biggest challenge is relating to others and taking in their opinions for consideration. It can be quite difficult to interact with and relate well to others, which can lead to social dysfunction and a sense of isolation. This…

married couple enjoying sunset they hiked to

Sunsets Can Inspire You to Change the Way You Think: Here’s How

Sunsets have this amazing quality to them. They are not just pretty ways to experience the sun going down over the horizon and admiring the planetary awesomeness of it all. There are very real psychological effects to sitting still, in quiet, and enjoying the sunset. Natural beauty and being present to yourself in nature can…