man explaining signs of amytal abuse to therapist

What Are Signs and Symptoms of Amytal Abuse? 

Barbiturates are typically used to treat sleep disorders but may be used for anesthesia in hospitals. The drug works to increase a sense of calmness in the nerves, to slow it down, and help a person sleep. Amytal is one such drug that people have been taking for decades. It is highly likely a person…

man laying on couch during therapy session paired with addiction recovery

Why Does Therapy Matter in Recovery?

Addiction comes in many different ways and people struggle with it differently. The reasons why people become addicted vary and include things like the past history of neglect, abuse, trauma, or violence. The next step for a person is to begin a rehab program with detox for addiction, followed by therapeutic measures. Not many understand…

young adults staying positive and practicing self-care during addiction treatment

Why Self-Care is So Important for the Healing Journey

Learning how to live in recovery is something everyone has to discover on their own. Even when they feel like they might have it figured out, the work of recovery has so much more to offer. Self-care is part of the crucial journey. Self-awareness is important when assessing how to best take care of yourself…

two men working through complications of LSD use with counselor

What Are Some Complications of LSD Use?

Taking LSD may not seem like a bad idea to some people, but at the moment nothing seems like a bad idea (until it is). Over the days, months, and years, LSD can become a life-altering drug that changes the way the brain works. Changes to the neurotransmitters impact a person psychologically, which alters the…

family preparing healthy dinner together straight after rehab

How to Embrace Healthy Eating Straight After Rehab 

Eating healthy is not just a matter of comfort or desire. It is actually better for you in recovery if you can fill your body with nutritious food because it has been deficient of vital nutrients after so many years trapped in addiction. Oftentimes, people don’t realize in recovery how much their bodies needed good…

man with hands up in therapy trying to figure parallels between food and drug addiction

Are There Any Parallels Between Food and Drug Addiction? 

Food and drug addiction are hard on the mind and body because they take away not only dignity and confidence, but also a sense of being in control. Process addictions like food, sex, and gambling get a different perspective from people than drugs or alcohol, however, the brain treats them much the same way. Find…

doctor showing man ways to recover after the impact of marijuana addiction

What is the Impact of Marijuana Addiction? 

Marijuana Addiction exists because people struggle to quit using the drug once they start. There are many reasons for this, but the impact can be further reaching than people realize. Cannabis seems harmless but it is not necessarily that way for some people. The main ingredient, THC, can change how people think and behave. Without…