Oxycodone is an opioid, and just like other opioids, it is very addictive. Research indicates that more than 2 million Americans abuse opioids. Knowing the signs and symptoms of oxycodone addiction puts you in a better position to get treatment. As a substance abuser, you may not at first understand your body reactions because of oxycodone addiction. But if you have the information, you’ll be able to understand your situation early enough to get treatment. An oxycodone addiction treatment center is better equipped to handle oxycodone addictions. Such a facility, such as Oceanfront Recovery, will provide specialized care to the patients.

The Role of Oxycodone in Our Bodies

Oxycodone medications aim at helping patients deal with severe body pains. Using oxycodone under strict adherence to a group therapy session at a oxycodone addiction treatment centerthe prescription can be beneficial to the user. The benefit being that the drug will alleviate the user’s pain. However, oxycodone can be very dangerous too.

Taking even two pills higher than your regular dose can result in an overdose when dealing with oxycodone. This is especially the case for people with low tolerance to opioids. Their bodies will not have the mechanism to deal with the excess oxycodone. Contrast this with someone who has a high tolerance level. Such a person can go past the doctor’s limit without severe consequences in the short-run.

How Do People Use Oxycodone

Oxycodone exists in different forms. It can be in combination with other drugs or come as an independent drug. Swallowing pills is a common method of consumption, especially for medical reasons. Other people prefer to crush the pills and mix it with other drinks to increase the effect. The effects of oxycodone will start showing either immediately or after some time. This is dependent on the nature of the oxycodone. Immediate-release (IR) oxycodone acts on the body almost instantly.

Controlled-release (CR) oxycodone takes some time to affect a person. The effects of the drugs come in waves. The idea behind this design was to prolong the pain-relieving effect of the drug. It is also meant to reduce the frequency with which people with chronic pain would take them. These mechanisms help patients relying on the drug to avoid getting into an oxycodone addiction treatment center in California for substance use disorder.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment Center at Oceanfront Recovery

Oceanfront has several addiction treatment programs at its oxycodone addiction treatment center. These programs will help you detox off the effects of oxycodone. The facility also incorporates therapies to help addicts acquire new interpersonal skills that can hasten their recovery. Some of the treatments offered at their oxycodone addiction treatment center include:

  • Residential treatment program: This facility provides a structured environment for addicts to recover. They can access the services of the medics and therapists at any time that they feel like.
  • Aftercare treatment program: This is a program that acts as a support program for addicts. It helps addicts to access community resources and sober living houses after they recover. The program will help the addict regain their independence as they re-integrate back to the community.
  • Intensive outpatient program: A flexible program that allows you to get treatment but still live in your home. It is ideal for addicts who are still in a position to continue with their productive activities. Medics will supervise the addict and ensure they are accountable for all their actions as they recover.
  • Drug and alcohol detox center: The center is a general facility for drug addicts who are trying to detox. Detox is always the first step towards making a recovery.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment Center at Oceanfront Recovery

Addiction to oxycodone is not a death sentence, and you can overcome it. All you have to do is join an oxycodone addiction treatment center to get professional help. If you are suffering from oxycodone addiction or know someone who is, we can help you. Reach out to Oceanfront Recovery at 877.296.7477 or visit our oxycodone addiction treatment center. We will help you unshackle yourself from addiction.