Cocaine is one of the most well-known drugs, and it can be one of the most destructive as well. Cocaine is a stimulant that is first extracted from the coca plant and then refined into a powder form. The drug is very potent and acts quickly, creating feelings of euphoria and inducing large bursts of energy for people who take it, as well as a sense of competence and invincibility. An overdose of cocaine can result in hyperthermia, cardiac arrest or even death. Cocaine addiction treatment centers are fighting cocaine addiction and their dark side effects to enrich your life again.

man with intake specialist at the cocaine addiction treatment centerIf someone uses cocaine frequently, he or she may develop health issues over time as a result. These can include delusions, itching, heart problems and/or akathisia (a chronic sense of restlessness). Long-term use can lead to kidney damage, stroke and heart problems.

Psychological issues are common as well, and these can include lethargy, depression, and psychosis. In addition, tissue in the lungs and nose can be damaged, as these parts of the body are directly involved in allowing the cocaine into the system. When trying to overcome a cocaine dependency, the resulting withdrawal symptoms can be terrible and even dangerous. While the effects of cocaine are wearing off, users can experience paranoia, anxiety, and irritability. Because withdrawal symptoms are arduous and often uncomfortable, cocaine users should consult medical professionals in the process to ensure safe detoxification.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

For cocaine rehab in Laguna Beach, California, turn to the professionals at Oceanfront Recovery’s cocaine addiction treatment center. The Oceanfront Recovery staff will come up with an addiction treatment plan in CA that is tailored to you, taking into account your individual needs, as well as your history, personal circumstances and any mental disorders that may be involved. Dual diagnosis programs in Laguna Beach will be able to address these in tandem.

The cocaine addiction treatment center provides a comfortable and peaceful setting along the coastline of the beautiful Laguna Beach area. We find that the serene setting is often therapeutic on its own for our clients, due to the beautiful scenery and our clients’ ability to engage in relaxing and exciting activities while situated so close to the ocean. Clients are taught to cope with relapse triggers and retrain their brains at our facility so that they can live sober and happy lives.

The therapists at cocaine addiction rehab centers are committed to treating each and every client and returning them to sobriety. They will incorporate a variety of cocaine treatment approaches to help each individual, including the tried and true method of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in CA for treating cocaine addiction.

If you or a loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, please call Oceanfront Recovery at (877) 279-1777. The professionals at our cocaine addiction treatment center are committed to helping you overcome your addiction. We will challenge you to restore your mind and body so that you can live your life free of drugs. If you have any questions, please contact our cocaine addiction rehab center to learn more about how we can help you overcome addiction at Oceanfront Recovery.