Many drugs are taken for legitimate purposes but are actually addictive themselves. Methadone is one of these drugs; it is typically used to help people with disabling pain and other side effects that come with withdrawal from other narcotic drugs. However, methadone itself is extremely addictive, to the point where it frequently replaces the drug the user was addicted to in the first place. This can be part of a frustrating vicious cycle of drug abuse which can be difficult to break. Methadone rehab at a methadone addiction treatment center is typically a necessary step on the road to recovery from methadone addiction. Our California substance abuse treatment programs provide individualized care and concierge-level support for a better recovery.

Rehab and Methadone Addiction Treatment Center

If you are dealing with methadone abuse in Orange County, Oceanfront Recovery has the right methadone addiction rehab center for you. Here, you will work with talented and compassionate professionals who will not only address the addiction itself but will also help you deal with any underlying emotional issues. They will help you develop life skills that will allow you to recover and maintain your recovery and truly live a life free of methadone addiction.

The methadone addiction rehab center will put together a treatment plan that is tailored just for you, taking into account your specific experiences, circumstances and any co-occurring disorders that could be complicating factors in your recovery.

In therapy during your methadone rehab, you will be challenged to examine your emotional issues and what could have played a role in your methadone addiction. You will likely be asked to engage in a variety of exercises as part of your treatment at our methadone addiction treatment center. If mental health issues accompany addiction problems, experts will plan recovery through the dual diagnosis treatment program in Laguna Beach.

Methadone abuse, especially long term, can interfere with interactions between critical structures in the brain. Methadone activates the reward circuit in the brain, which connects many brain structures that regulate people’s ability to experience pleasure. In cases of long- term methadone abuse, the brain will reduce the number of receptors that enable you to feel this pleasure. Methadone abusers, as a result, become listless and feel numb and depressed; they also have a hard time motivating themselves.

Methadone treatment can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be at the methadone addiction treatment center in Laguna Beach, California. Addiction to methadone is similar to other opiates. Withdrawal from methadone is tough and comes with a list of painful side effects. As such, it is recommended that a methadone addict enter a professional methadone addiction treatment center.

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