The psychoactive effects of magic mushrooms cause people to experience distorted thinking and hallucinations. They tend to be used in certain religious ceremonies or by those who believe the drug enhances spiritual or religious experiences. That being said, it is very much possible to abuse them to the point where they become harmful. If you or someone you love is addicted to magic mushrooms, admission into our dual diagnosis treatment center in Laguna Beach, Ca is the first step towards overcoming your magic mushroom addiction. Upon your admission, our addiction treatment staff will conduct a psychiatric assessment to create a personalized addiction treatment program based on the underlying mental health conditions that contribute towards your magic mushroom addiction.

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

men and women receiving mushroom addiction treatment at a mushroom addiction treatment centerPsilocybin is the main ingredient found in magic mushrooms. Other street names for the drug include purple passion, shrooms, and little smoke. It is considered the most well-known natural psychedelic drug. The mushrooms containing the substance can be found in the wild or can be homegrown.

It takes around three to four mg of a dose of psilocybin for it to become active. People typically swallow magic mushrooms to experience the psychedelic effects. Dried mushrooms can be steeped in hot water and drunk in the form of a tea.

What Effects Does Magic Mushrooms Have?

Magic mushrooms affect every person differently, making it difficult to categorize. The biggest impact they have is how the mushrooms change the perception and consciousness of those who take the drug. The effects of magic mushrooms last between four to six hours. The average person experiences the highest peaks two to three hours after taking magic mushrooms.

A person’s reaction to magic mushrooms can also be affected by the setting and an individual’s current state of mind. Some end up having highly positive experiences, while others end up with nightmarish delusions. Common effects of magic mushrooms include:

  • Enhanced senses
  • Altered sense of time passing, can feel like it is slowing down
  • A sense of excitement
  • Atypical speech patterns and thoughts
  • Inanimate objects appear to be moving
  • Seeing things that are not actually there

Magic mushrooms do not have high toxicity levels. Still, the drugs prevent your brain’s cells from communicating properly with each other. Magic mushrooms also increase the risk of people giving in to suicidal thoughts or reckless behavior that endangers their well-being.

The effects of the psilocybin diminish after each use. That means an individual must take increasingly higher doses to experience a similar outcome. 

Magic Mushroom Addiction Treatment Programs

Upon your admission into our magic mushroom treatment center, our addiction treatment will perform a comprehensive psychiatric and personality assessment. Then, our addiction treatment staff will create a personalized addiction treatment plan based on your unique underlying mental health conditions that contribute to your addiction to magic mushrooms.

Our residential treatment program provides each patient with their own furnished living space with modern appliances. Oceanfront Recovery also makes ample outdoor community spaces available for everyone to enjoy.

Furthermore, mental health therapy treatment programs typically used to overcome magic mushroom addiction include:

Oceanfront Recovery’s magic mushroom addiction treatment center also offers trauma support to overcome past troublesome experiences. Our goal is to encourage the healing of mental wounds that could be driving you towards drugs like magic mushrooms.

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