History of Flakka

The drug Flakka is another of the new breed of synthetic or designer drugs that have been produced periodically to attempt to circumvent existing drug laws. It was introduced in 2014 and was initially especially popular in South Florida, where many cases of overdose have been reported. Like many designer drugs, it is thought to be produced primarily in China. These drugs are typically sold over the Internet and labeled as something other than the actual drug. Now, this cheap, powerful, and effective drug is spreading across the United States. The Drug Enforcement Administration has placed a temporary ban on the drug Flakka, but the drug manufacturers have workarounds for this. Flakka leads to dependency and professional Flakka addiction treatment centers are needed to regain control of your life after Flakka use. Oceanfront Recovery has a California designer drug addiction treatment center specialized for your needs.

For instance, they can place a “not for human consumption” label on the drug packaging or changing the packaging or name of the product. It can take several years to get the data necessary to put an actual federal ban on all forms of the dangerous new drug Flakka.

Flakka Abuse

Flakka gets its name from a Spanish slang term for a beautiful woman (“la flaca”) The drug contains a chemical that is a close relative to Methylenedioxpyrovalerone (MDPV), a key ingredient in “bath salts.” This class of chemicals affects neurons that normally regulate the levels of dopamine and serotonin, some of the primary mood-regulating neurotransmitters in the human brain. This results in an unnatural overabundance of these chemicals, which produces a sense of euphoria in the user.

The mode of action on the brain is very similar to cocaine and methamphetamine, but the chemicals in the drug Flakka can produce effects that last even longer. Because of this, even though the high produced by Flakka lasts up to several hours, it is thought that the neurological effects may be permanent because the drug might actually destroy neurons. The extent of the destruction of brain tissue may be even greater than that of cocaine or methamphetamine because the drug affects the brain for a longer period of time.

An additional extremely serious effect of Flakka is its action on the kidneys of its users. As a result of hyperthermia, the drug can cause muscles to break down which overtaxes the kidneys. Some survivors of Flakka overdoses may be on dialysis for the rest of their life.

Flakka Addiction Treatment Center

At Oceanfront Recovery, we can help you or your loved one to end your addiction to Flakka. Our program includes a modern Flakka addiction treatment center which is tailored to the individual and their needs. It’s very difficult and potentially dangerous to stop using designer drugs like Flakka on one’s own accord. You should seek the help of a medical professional for Flakka treatment in Orange County. At Oceanfront Recovery there is a comfortable and safe environment where you can stabilize and recover from the horror of addiction. The experts at the Laguna Beach drug and alcohol detox center will make sure your detox is as comfortable as possible.

The Oceanfront Recovery treatment team will construct a tailored plan for Flakka addiction rehab centers in Orange County, created uniquely for your situation and for your ultimate success. Clients at Oceanfront Recovery go through a complete detox from Flakka. They will experience professional care in a supportive and nurturing environment at Flakka addiction rehab centers. Important to the process are the relationships that will be formed with the professionals who work here, as well as with your peers at the Flakka addiction treatment center. Multiple therapeutic approaches are in place at our state-of-the-art treatment center, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Oceanfront Recovery will provide clients with the tools to stay clean from Flakka – and other substances – after leaving our modern treatment program. These profoundly effective tools make you or your loved one less susceptible to potential triggers that might tempt them to relapse. They also can successfully help them reintegrate themselves into society.

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